Snow, sun, sand, rocks, blue water. Autumn colours. Long warm evenings. Short cold evenings. Lots of friends. Different languages, expressions, emotions. On the one hand Sweden, Scandinavia, the Nordics. The other,Greece and the Mediterranean’s warm embrace. It’s my life. Born and raised in Sweden with one half of my heart in Greece and the other in Sweden has made me a man with lots of tentacles. And a view on life that’s a mix of many impressions and expressions.

When I founded DIS&DOU I had a burning desire to start a new fashion brand. A brand with an expression that I felt was missing. My design concept was a mix between the stiffer Scandinavian and the easier life in and around the Mediterranean cities. International self assuredness à la big city meets sun and sea. High quality, high fashion. Roots from street-culture, but with a slightly more elegant image. This is DIS&DOU.