Time is something someone made up.
You are your own time, navigate life your way. The boundaries are yours. Thoughts are free. The small alleyways are yours.You leave the wide avenues to others. You walk in your own footsteps. Not someone elses. Your life is your story. You write it. Be who you are and say what you feel. Because those who matter don’t mind. And those who mind don’t matter.

So what!


We’ve taken the Mediterranean’s laid-back lifestyle and mixed it with a cosmopolitan attitude. It’s sophisticated and unsophisticated at the same time. It’s asphalt, narrow alleyways, squares and boulevards. It’s a life in cafes and bars, with the sun and the sea in the rearview mirror. It’s extravert and creative. It’s true and obvious. It’s jeans, it’s black, it’s white, but also vivid colours, genuine, honest and independent.

DIS&DOU is a way of being. A way to live. Our clothes are an idea between different cultures. It’s unpretentious, simple and optimistic. Yet, expressive, surprising and confident. It has personality and a pride that comes from the individual. It’s timeless with a twist. It’s you.